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Why Aibiz Digital?

We exist to help SMEs.

The good digital agencies are priced out of the reach of SMEs while the budget digital agencies are rarely professional and often don’t deliver tangible value to SMEs

Aibiz Solutions Digitals seeks to provide SMEs with professional digital media services at a budget.

As a professional firm, we place premium value on timely delivery of projects and on meeting client’s expectations.

We work with SMEs to help them make better decisions on digital media, convert those decisions to action and deliver sustainable success.

We seamlessly integrate physical and digital worlds to deliver outstanding, and often previously unimaginable, customer experiences that lead to profitable growth.

Target, reach, connect and engage potential customers on social media using creative and visually appealing content on the right platform.

It is time for results-focused social media engagement!

Payment Plan

Full payment upon engagement is required to commence work

Digital marketing success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes technical expertise, time, and resources to achieve the results you want. The good news is we offer affordable monthly plans to suit your budget.


The best digital marketing plan starts with identifying the target audience, establishing a campaign goal, crafting a convincing message, selecting the right platform, reaching the audience, engaging qualified leads and converting leads to prospects and paying customers.

A website tells a lot about a business. It shows how much thought the business puts into its brand.



Mobile Apps

Project Timeline

On the average, we estimate to complete and hand-over a project within five (5) weeks as follows

Needs Assessment, Content Submission or Creation 1 Week

Design and Development 3 Weeks

Testing and Corrective Action 1 Week

On many occasions, we have delivered earlier than five (5) weeks and this depends to a large extent on the client’s speed of response to requests.

Payment Plan

Our fees are the best rate among those who provide best-in-class web and digital services. To further offer convenience to clients, we accept payment plans

Not all websites are created equal

Know the health status of your website; get a report in 24 hours

"Create. Identify. Target. Reach. Connect. Engage. Convert. Delight."